Strategieze, Implement, Conquer
“Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first a strategic vision.”
John Naisbitt

About McCormick Web Media

McCormick Web Media was established by Daryl McCormick in 1999, when the internet was surging in growth and popularity. Located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, McCormick Web Media offers freelance web design, development and SEO consulting services, leveraging the skills and experience Daryl acquired while working for marketing and software development agencies, where he developed and deployed web-based products and solutions for internationally recognized corporations in the pharmaceutical, vehicle-rental and fashion industries.

In addition to our skills, experience and expertise, we maintain partnerships with other talented agencies and contractors, which allows us to provide a wider range of services to our clientele.



Daryl McCormickFront-End Developer, Consultant
I’m a detail-obsessed front-end web developer with a background in natural science. I take an analytical approach to problem-solving and development, and I’ve been designing, building and maintaining websites and application front-ends for over 17 years.

Scientia potentia est!


We take time to listen to our clients, and we determine what they want and what they need before we offer suggestions or recommend solutions. We consider the available options and determine if any limitations exist before we generate a plan of action. Armed with a plan, we implement the solution while we keep our clients informed of our progress and project milestones. We test our products. And then we test them again. After that, we test them some more until we’re confident they display and function as designed, in accordance with our project plan and our clients’ expectations.