How long does a website design last on the internet before it starts to lose visual appeal and becomes unmemorable? Two or three years? Sometimes more? Sometimes less? This metric is often measured in visitor traffic and engagement. As usability behaviors and standards change, and as technology evolves, what was once new becomes old. A website “face-lift” may also be prompted by other directives. Product and service adjustments, a shift in target audience demographics, or a business requirement to change the way a brand is presented to the public may all initiate a website redesign. We present to you the redesigned, re-branded!

Sylvanson Web Technologies Inc. once again enlisted the services of McCormick Web Media and Vision Driven Solutions to update Reckitt’s Ingredients and Product Information website, The update, which launched in mid-November, includes an entirely new design, new branding, and new features which improve upon an already great resource.

What’s New In This Redesign and Re-branding Update?

As Reckitt’s consumer health and hygiene brand divisions have grown and become more defined, their Product and Ingredient Information website has followed suit. now utilizes Reckitt’s new branding assets, in accordance with Reckitt’s recent rebranding effort. These include an instantly recognize-able new logo, updated typography, and an all-new color palette.

In consideration of Reckitt’s unique, industry-leading effort to make their product ingredient information transparent and available to all, the website now includes the ability to select a product division (Health and/or Hygiene) and country (United States and/or Canada). This feature allows visitors to hone-in on specific brands and products quickly and efficiently.

With an emphasis on Reckitt’s corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives, sets a bold industry standard in the way product information is communicated to consumers in North America and around the world. Here at MWM, we consider that buzzworthy!