is back!

Mantis Design, nationally recognized for it’s unique, engaging (awesome) poster designs, conspired with McCormick Web Media to revitalize

The new website features an illustrative design combined with a not-so-subtle nod to the days of analog television broadcasting. Remote control? No. Tuner-dials? Absolutely that, yes. Dead channels, too! Did you know that radio and analog tv “white noise” is the sound of cosmic microwave background radiation leftover from the “big bang” some 13.7+ billion years ago? You do now, if you didn’t already.

We had great fun converting this Mantis Design illustration into a completely custom website, incorporating uncommon input controls in the form of tuner-dials, which give the site an amusing old-tech feel. We added audio for tuner dial clicks, and the previously mentioned white noise for a throw-back analog-tv vibe.

The illustrative site is available to non-mobile users, who will get the full retro experience. Mobile users will get a simpler, more routine experience, complete with all the same information and product offerings, albeit without the retro look and feel of 70’s tv. If you’re viewing their site on a mobile device, we urge you to go check it out on a laptop or desktop system.

Over time, visitors will discover new content, new poster and game offerings, and occasional news postings from the site’s owner. We’ll even throw some secret tv content into the mix, buried in the site.

Head on over to take a look around, have some fun, and maybe buy a poster from one of their distributors while supplies last. Once the distributors’ remaining stock is sold, that’s it, many of the designs featured on the site will be OOP (out of print), which will make them difficult to find in the future.

Have A Happy St. Patrick’s Day!