The long-overdue redesign of is now live. has been around for a while. Some updates were required to bring it into line with the modern web. The owner of Extreme Brush Clearing gave us some ideas, which we used to create an entirely new online presence. We delivered a full re-branding incorporated in a responsive site. We also added a gallery of before and after photographs, showing examples of Extreme Brush Clearing’s services.

The previous incarnation of had an edgy, in-your-face presentation, relying on contrasting colors and a bold, graffiti-styled font. Extreme Brush Clearing established itself in the Portland, OR region over fifteen years ago, when the original site debuted. Over the years they outgrew their original website’s branding and styling.

So what did we update?

Illusion and perception were themes we considered when planning this redesign effort. The new design places emphasis on refinement and precision, and retains the previous design’s daring by way of their primary new branding feature: the saw-blade. When the site loads, and when users hover their cursor over the various saw-blade images featured on the site, they’re treated to a simple illusion caused by rotating blade images. The effect is subtle and fun.

The new website is now available to anyone with a mobile device, laptop or desktop, and the single-page layout is easy to use. We added a new Google Analytics package to the site and updated some of their SEO for the redesign. The company’s owner is thrilled with the update, which is the kind of outcome we aim for when starting a project. is brand-spankin’-new. If you reside in the Portland, OR area and you need to clear overgrowth from your property, not matter how difficult it is to reach, regardless of the weather, get in touch with Extreme Brush Clearing.