Sylvanson Web Technologies Inc. recently enlisted the services of McCormick Web Media to implement a redesign for Reckitt Benckiser’s Ingredients and Product Information website,

The redesigned site was re-launched in late July. The site now boasts fully-responsive layouts utilizing Bootstrap 3.3.4 and customized html5 design templates for all pages. The updates significantly improve usability and access to the site. The site is now available to a wider variety of portable devices, in addition to laptops and desktop systems.

The site’s users often require product ingredient information when they’re away from the office without access to a computer. Now they only need a portable device and an internet connection to find information about Reckitt Benckiser product ingredients. When time is of the essence and seconds count, users can quickly and easily retrieve the information they need.

How was the website redesign received by users?

The new site is garnering praise from its users, and it’s only been live for a week.

Happy users means happy clients, which makes us…well, happy!